Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Art Vs. Artist: Laura!

Next up on Art Vs. Artist is our illustrator Laura!

Whether it's bold and fun or cool and minimal,
Laura's keen to put her hand to any style,
and as our colour and trend editor for the blog she
likes to keep up to date with what's currently popping up all over Pinterest.

She's also a dab hand at a greetings card,
and brings her flair and creativity to everything from
a birthday ice cream sundae to a skiing Santa Claus!

If you love Laura's work as much as we do 
and think her style might be perfect for an upcoming project, 
you can commission her here.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Art Vs. Artist 2019: Gemma!

Happy Friday! We're continuing our Art Vs. Artist's post today
with our lovely illustrator Gemma.

Always a pro with a paintbrush and a palette of watercolours, Gem's 
hand-painted style is sure to make you say "ooh, yum!"

Never short of beautiful florals, super contemporary techniques and the cutest characters,
Gem's work is perfect for everyone from the teeniest babies to the biggest kids.

If you love Gem's work as much as we do 
and think her style might be perfect for an upcoming project, 
you can commission her here.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Art Vs. Artist 2019: Bec!

We really loved taking part in Art vs. Artist last year - 
it's so great to put a face to name (and an illustration style!)

And as we always have an abundance of shiny new artworks being created, 
 we thought we'd give our squares an update and take part in this year's too.

First up it's Bec, who's attention to detail and level of intricacy never fails to amaze us!
If it's super vibrant and pretty you're after, Bec and her huge collection 
of fine liner's has got you covered.

If you love Bec's work as much as we do 
and think her style might be perfect for an upcoming project, 
you can commission her here.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Lou for Dashwood!

We've been loving seeing all the amazing feedback to Lou's gorgeous new
collection for Dashwood Studio that we've posted on insta lately!

So we thought we'd grab ourselves a cuppa, and have a chat with her about how this
collaboration came about and what her process was designing this collection...

Hi Lou! We are so obsessed with this collection, how did this particular project come about?

The main print in the collection is actually a gift wrap in our Paper & Cloth shop. Dashwood saw the pattern and asked me to create a fabric collection with this as the main design.
Of course, I jumped at the chance and set about creating the coordinating prints.

How did you go about creating the coordinating prints?

With a quilting/fabric collection, it’s important to consider a mix of scales, pace of AOP and different coloured grounds across the set. All working together but doing a different job. There were so many different elements in the main print, that really inspired the rest of the designs; elephants, giraffes, tigers, I knew there had to be a floral in there and butterflies seemed a lovely fit too. I think they work really nicely on the ochre ground. 

What was your favourite part of working on this project?

The idea of designing an entire fabric collection has always been up there on my wish list career wise, so it was amazing when the lovely folk of Dashwood got in touch.
I enjoyed the whole design process really, from initial sketches and playing with print ideas, right through to submitting the finished collection, but I must admit, hearing such lovely comments from everyone about the designs now they’re launched and out there in the big wide world is a great feeling! From sewing/haberdashery shops excitedly sharing photos of the collection on Instagram when they arrive in their shops, to talented little sewing bees creating wonderful things with the fabrics.

What sort of things are you hoping will be made from your fabrics?

I’ve already seen some lovely things popping up on Instagram that talented folk have been making with the fabrics. My favourite so far would have to be a skirt by Sarah @lupilotty. She used the different prints in a patchworked style skirt for her 3 year old little girl. She looked so cute in it!
I’ve also seen a gorgeous little dress made using the giraffe fabric by Lorraine @sew.last.year
It’ll be so exciting to see what else will be created from my designs. 

Thanks Lou, we can't wait to see what other gorgeous
 creations will be crafted out of them!

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Colour me happy!

Here's a bit of colour inspiration to brighten up your morning!

Millennial pink is here to stay, but get's a bold update with shots of cobalt blue, 
pops of mustard and our favourite burnt orange. Yum!

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