Friday, 29 June 2018

Studio Life: Getting to know... Laura

Hi Laura! Can you start off by telling us a little bit about where you gather your inspiration from?

Instagram is probably the platform I check most regularly, as well as good old Pinterest, which is so good for collating inspiration.    

Scouring through my favourite shops is always a good bet too and it feels less like researching and more like shopping which is always a treat. Shops like Oliver Bonas and Anthropologie always get a visit!

And how does your working process usually start?

It almost always starts with some inspiration references and a pencil! I like to sketch out rough ideas, then use the light box to refine the layout and composition. Then it’s either time to paint it out or scan the sketch in and work over it digitally. Things don’t always go to plan once colour is added, so things get tweaked and improved along the way.

What design tools couldn't you live without?

A pencil and some paper! Hand-drawing is where I feel most confident so I always like to sketch things out by hand first rather than going straight to the computer. 

I also love to finalise things with indian ink, brush pens or gouache, so a selection of paintbrushes in different sizes come in very handy.

Photoshop is also pretty essential as things don't always turn out perfect on the first go, so it's great to be able to scan in and edit hand-drawn or painted elements and make them look their best.

Who are your Illustration heroes?

There are sooooo many, and with the constant sharing that goes on online I think I must find a new illustration hero every week!

It’s so hard to choose, but at the moment I am a bit obsessed with Megan Galante (below) her clean, paired back fashion illustrations and hand-painted florals. I also love Alessandra Genualdo's slightly moody girls - they're always rocking such beautiful florals outfits!

I’m also love a bit of crafting, and two of my biggest heroes are fibre artist Sally England and weaver Marianne Moody, who create amazing macrame wall art and weavings respectively. If I was ever to splash out on something for my walls it would definitely be some of their work.

Who would be your dream client?

I think Anthropologie is definitely up there. I would also absolutely love to illustrate a book cover or a collection of classic children's stories - books like Grimm's tales or Hans Christian Anderson were always my favourite as a child, so it would be amazing to reimagine these now as an illustrator.

What are you currently reading?

I’m currently working my way through “Animal” by Sarah Pascoe (I’m a very infrequent reader these days) which is a really fascinating look into different aspects of being a human, told in a really hilarious way!

In terms of kid's books I am loving Cannonball Coralie and the Lion" by Grace Easton - beautiful fun illustrations from start to finish and packed with great characters.

What is your favourite piece of artwork you have on display at home? 

My favourite at the moment is my “Tibi Gal” print by Isabelle Feliu (below). I love the minimal colour, the cool proportions and the fine line work. It has pride of place in the living room. I also have lots of amazing artworks from some very talented friends - artwork is that bit more special when you know the artist.

What are some of your favourite things outside of work?

Some weekends I volunteer at Brinsley Animal Rescue - They’re a great sanctuary for former commercial animals and wildlife in need of rehabilitation. It’s really nice to get outside and hang out with some lovely people and all the amazing animals, even if it does involve a fair amount of shovelling manure! 

Yoga is also a great way to relax, I go to regular classes and find that it really helps stretch out my back after a week hunched over illustrating.

And I couldn’t not mention my furry little studio buddy Susie (below) - we love our animal friends here at P&C and she is my little ray of sunshine!

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Mini Trend: Plant Goals

There's been some serious plant love on social media for a while now, so 
naturally this has led to a similar trend in illustration.

We can't get enough of these lush tones of greens and blues, and layer upon layer 
of plants of every kind. 

We have a few self-confessed crazy plant ladies ourselves, so we're more than happy to
add more greenery to our homes in print form as well!

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6

If you love this trend as much as we do, we might have an artwork for you!
Get in touch here to view the portfolio.

Monday, 4 June 2018

In-house Illustrator Position!

We are looking for an utterly amazing and highly versatile Illustrator, with huge imagination
and lots of creative energy to bring to the team.

They must have an insatiable love of drawing and be able to execute their ideas to a professional standard. Proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator are a must, as is breadth of style across 
character, print and typography.

The position will be working from home, however team members are expected to travel to our Northampton studio every 6 weeks for studio days.

Applicants should send their CV and examples of their work to

Closing date : Monday 18th July