Friday, 28 October 2016

Midwinter Magic!

Drum roll please!....TA-DAH! It's finally here!

Ever passionate and committed to our illustrative cause, our brilliant illustrator Bec pretty much worked her hands into claws creating all the intricate doodles for this amazing new book, Midwinter Magic.

Entirely illustrated by her (we know, right?!) this new colouring-in adventure takes you on a mystical quest through a wintery land filled with detailed magical kingdoms, embellished kings and queens and THAT AMAZING UNICORN. We're obsessed.

We can't wait to buy this as a christmas pressie for all our friends and family, and we're definitely gonna need a copy for ourselves too!

If you want to grab yourself a piece of Bec's colouring action, Midwinter Magic is available here on Amazon now. Get sharpening those pencils colouring fans, there's a whole lot of gorgeous detail to be filled in!

1 comment:

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