Friday, 17 August 2012

Oh those Shows!

Here are some pictures form our recent  show at Printsource New York.
We had a fantastic show and managed to squeeze in a little fun having 
amongst all the working.

We always have fun creating our backdrops for our shows but  
cutting out the russian dolls in the early hours of the morning , then having to hand carry them in 
taxis and on planes , I had kind of lost my sense of humour (and a little bit of love for these girls) ... 
 I am happy to say that once up and in situ I fell back in love with them straight away  
they looked fab. Louise never fails to amaze me with her beautiful characters.

Bec's bear on the wall looked amazing too! I always feel a little sad selling some of these
 guys and having to say goodbye to them. Onwards and upwards to gear up for Premier vision Indigo in September!


  1. I can just imagine you and Louise carrying the dolls under your arm! Your stand looks fab as always! I always feel sad saying goodbye to some of our illustrations too, but I feel better if they are going to a good home :)
    Kate at Just Kids x

  2. Oh wow! What a stunning exhibition:) It's bursting with excitement and life, I love it! I especially like that hot air balloon with the little boat above it:) I'm really glad I found your blog, I can't wait to follow and see your updates xx